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Maybe that's it...being an Army brat (mom and dad) as well as working in childcare I was always getting checked, interviewed, whatever. So maybe it just became part of me, I have nothing to hide so go ahead and check al you want. Hmmm something to think about.

I've even told Karma if he ever feels the desire, he can read my journal. Now that's not something I would share with everyone, but my husband? Yeah, no reason not to. I share everything with him and there's nothing I would write there that I wouldn't share with him anyway.

And I can even see where constant snooping is an issue.

But on the otherside of it, there wouldn't be snooping if the permission were there.

Karma had huge issue with me even using his phone while Cricket was hidden from me. Now we have a "Hey I'm gonna read your mail" agreement. I don't snoop, but I don't ask permission either. I let him know I am doing it. Keeping the honest, honest?

I just don't get where the otherside comes from.
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