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Originally Posted by RitaFire View Post
Are you being a bit sarcastic with me?
Good catch Rita But in a good way.

Because there are some legit questions in there.

Where DO we get certain ideas and assumptions ? It's good to have that question come up because it's one we don't ask ourselves that often. And the answer is critical.

When we're really trying to understand things and chart a course we believe is best for ourselves and others we care about, we need solid, accurate facts to base our decisions on. And as we all discover as we mature, we weren't always given the whole truth along the way. Remember the tooth fairy ?
So we get more skilled at taking a time out and looking below the surface of our assumptions.

"love" in general is a biggie that way. It's been painted many colors and has many meanings and labels associated with it. How can you have a discussion including a primary word until you have absolute clarity what that word even means (to you) ? Right ? So although I did choose to frame that in a sarcastic way for the humor value, the question is still an important one

Good luck.

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