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Love is infinite, time is not. When I have been in monogamous relationships and spent every moment with the person (my ex wife and I) I had the same amount of love for her as I do now. Actually its grown since then... I am amazed at how much it grows! Once unleashed it is incredible. When I was with monogamous loves and them only I felt as if my love was stifled and controlled somehow... like it was leashed. Now that I believe in abundance, and not scarcity in love and friendship and happiness and a whole lot of other areas in my life I am open beyond what I thought I would ever be and sometimes it overwhelms me. I have to enfold back in on myself sometimes and remember that that love needs to be enfolded back into me also.

Time is not infinite, there is not enough time. People say that, but that is also a way of thinking... time stands still when I am with those I love and speeds up when I am at work. at least I try to make it be so some days. It is all about investment for me. I invest in every moment with my loves. I didn't do that in monogamous relationships. I kind of went along in a dull haze doing every day stuff mostly with them just being there with me in that. Now I do that, but when its time to spend with a love I concentrate and invest everything into the moment... I love them with everything I have for the time I have. At least I try to. In this way my love grows.

I do my best to stay as present as possible with everything I do that I chose to do. I do this when I am with friends, at an event, spending time with my boy. The thing is to find some void time in between and some time that I do that for myself, or it gets too much and burn out can happen.... its like constant NRE otherwise. All about balance and boundaries really.
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