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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Wtf are you talking about?

I never meantion anyone entering anyone's home.

Seriously you need some help.

Even though this is off topic a bit, he DOES have a point. In most states if not all you DO need a warrant. Well, not "you", but "they". THEY need a warrant . Or they are supposed to. However, if there is screaming or a characteristic odor of rotting flesh coming from inside the dwelling, i think the cops are allowed to kick down the door or drill through the wall in order to get in. Furthermore, i disagree that Homeland Security would violate that requirement. I happen to know for a fact that Franklin Veaux moonlights as an agent for the DHS, and part of it involves sneaking into people's storage units and homes and copying their papers. Then he returns them and makes it look like someone randomly broke in and didn't have time to look around because they thought they heard people coming.

If that is not painfully obvious to EVERYONE, then i truly do not know what else to tell you.
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