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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
(and there are kids - it's not that they can't handle "alternative" relationship styles, but you shouldn't bop them around from living situation to living situation because you're horny and want to sleep in the same bed with your partners every night. Come on. But what do I know... I don't have kids. I have BEEN a kid though. So I do have some insight into how a kid might react to things.)
Yes, the fact of kids is a crucial factor in deciding when it is alright to move in together. And it does seem to weigh things toward the conservative position. I suppose.

I find it very difficult to know how to consider the question as to when it is appropriate and good to share living space -- but I'm a bit of a hippy in these matters. My fantasy life would involve a big chosen family of communalist living, patchoulie (sp?), paisly, sandals and gardens and....
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