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Well that was an interesting read. I can actually sort of see both sides. My parents were completely accepting when I came out as bi (at 18ish), and last year when I came out as poly (except my mom is gone, but the other three were just fine).

I have had weird conversations with both my bio parents about marriage. They have, what seem to me to be, strange ideas about marriage. They might have ideas about me being involved with married people. They're not completely crazy about my partners now.

I am not married, I have never been married, and I have no children. However, i was raised by people who were married, and I have been a child. Having been a child I think I have some right to comment on the raising of children. Had my parents been able to have the benefit of some other people helping them with me, our lives might have been much better. My life could have been a lot better, there might have been someone who noticed I was being abused, instead of two people so consumed with themselves that I was barely noticed, period.
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