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Originally Posted by freeantigone View Post
I'd say women have had to be adaptable as in a patriarchal, Western capitalist societies we haven't had a choice! Leaving the family was not often a choice (we were sold off as property in marriage by our fathers) we lost our family names due to this, being housewives/working for the war effort/going back to being housewives was so rarely a choice. We've had to be adaptable because there is often no other option, we simply did not have a say.

As for bisexuality, I feel that it is socially more acceptable for women to be bisexual. A lot of men are terrified (due to social constructs) of being seen as 'gay' or a 'pansy man' - which is why a lot of guys can't even consider anal sex with their female partner for fear of it making them 'gay'. Women have less far to jump to consider being bisexual, and to an extent less to 'lose' in terms of face. Not to mention the lesbianism=sexy construct (which completely devalues women's sexuality) which means women will kiss friends for the benefit of the men watching
Really? Mind, I can count on one hand the sexual partners I've been with (yeah, I'm as vanilla as they come) but...seems they want to try anal sex at least once. Guess perhaps I wound up with men that were more secure in their sexuality? or more into "experimenting"? DK.
Oh, well.
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