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I'm bisexual and poly as well. I have lucked out for the most part, in that I've never really had to date since coming out as poly. Some of my earliest experience with open marriage were the result of drunkeness....for example, Runic Wolf went out to get more alcohol and came back to find me naked on the floor with one of our female friends kissing my feet.

My boyfriend, Wendigo, is a long time friend of ours. He approached me a couple of years ago after Runic Wolf's birthday party while we were sobering up to discuss the possibility of us taking our friendship to the next level. That was almost three years ago. A couple of years ago, Wendigo's wife, Pretty Lady, joined us and I enjoyed my first real relationship with another woman; sadly that did not work out because she's not really poly.

Runic Wolf is now back on the market so to speak. He's had trouble before finding women who want more than just sex or kink. It seems to be a big issue with some women that he is married even after I've told them I'm okay with it.
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