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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Poor SG

Yes I actually do think that some people are just better relationship people than others.

I have virtually been in a relationship since I was 17. I did have a long marriage but I have moved from one relationship to another, with very little time in between and I would consider all my relationships pretty successful (although marriage not-so-great in latter years).

I think the best relationship people like people. We are good communicators, affectionate, value our relationship and can compromise. How do you do in those areas?

Maybe there's something a bit genetic in it as well. My mother, sister and daughters are all the same.
That's interesting, I actually read something the other day that mentioned looking at your family around you and how well they do in relationships is actually a really good way to tell how well you might do. Or if you're looking for a partner, see how their brother and sister do in relationships and stuff.

My mum and dad split when I was about 2 I think, but she's been with Dave for quite a while now and they seem really happy with each other. They are actually on their way to Canada at the moment for a little holiday. They do great. So I'm not sure exactly what that means for me. Maybe just that I'll find some good and some bad relationships. =P
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