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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Rebounding technically means "bouncing back," which isn't always a bad thing - we can bounce back into living a full life after a period of mourning - but the term has come to be known as some kind of avoidance when it has to do with relationships. We've been taught that we never want to be involved with someone "on the rebound." But is it always something that will be disastrous if we do? No, of course not.

As with any human relationship, awareness is key to being able to handle the ups and downs, and possible consequences, whether a partner is collapsing from grief or pretending not to feel it.
I like that aspect of thinking more positively about the term "rebound". That testing the waters with some one who could be rebounding is a positive opportunity to form a wonderful relationship and why pass up a chance due to what we're (some of us) ingrained with thinking, about a word.

Your last paragraph hits home to what I want to be more aware of in a partner, hopefully being able to recognize their grief whether it's overwhelming or he/she is ignoring it.
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