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Default New, excited, and nervous

Hello all, I've been lurking here for awhile and just decided to join and share my story.

A little background info. My wife and I have been married for 26 years but live in separate states due to her work. She is sharing an apartment with her sister and a friend both of which are mono.

We had a long discussion last Friday about opening up our marriage which I initiated. I had been wanting her to open up and find a friend and lover that she and I are both comfortable with her being together with. At first she was shocked that I brought it up but has now realized after much more discussion about how serious I am.

About 15 years ago she had an affair with another m that she was really into. It stopped because I found out about it. I was hurt and upset since we hadn't discussed it and she wasn't open to me about it. At that time we were having some communication issues.

Our relationship is very strong now and I want her to feel the joy she had in the past with her last lover.

We talked about it quite a bit this week and when I was talking to her earlier today she told me she has a dinner date this evening with a colleague.

She isn't the type to pickup any random person as she needs to have a personal connection so since she told me about the date I have encouraged her to go have fun and see where it goes. The man she is meeting is also married. I'm really excited and also nervous but I really love her and want her to move forward.

Wish us luck as I'm excited to hear how it goes tonight.
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