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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
Maybe you (the three of you) should take a breather. Choose to table these discussions for a few days, to give B a chance to regain his equilibrium some, and give everyone a chance to get a breath.

deep sigh... I just came from seeing B at lunch. IT DID NOT GO WELL!

I told him I would end it with J. and I meant it. and he told me that he can't ask me to do that because he wants to still be in the lifestyle (swinging) because he likes watching me and what kills him is that J does not like that and wants me alone.

So I told him fine. We can be in the lifestyle and I'll end it with J but I would like to still go see him on the 8th to end it face to face that he deserves that...

we were screaming at each other.
he said he would go stay at his mothers till I was over J. he said I should go sleep with him and get it done.

I told him I could be friends with J without sex and he said "but you WANT it and that's the difference I don't WANT sex with my women friends".... (it's paraphrased but that's the gist of it).... so I told him I would end the entire friendship with J... and he will not let me. he says if I don't do this thing with J that is killing him he will leave me....

The man needs therapy. I can't fix him. And I don't dare talk to J about any of this at this point because by the time we get home B will have changed his mind yet again.
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