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My grade 12 English teacher taught us that humans need 14 touches from other humans, every day. It can be as simple as a handshake, holding an old lady's arm while she crosses the street, or poking your friend in the ribs. Humans are social creatures, and that's one of the ways we connect with other humans. So what you're describing doesn't sound at all strange.

I'm sure 14 is just the average. Some people get by on less, some people need more. Apparently you're someone who needs more, and who reacts more strongly both when you get it and when you don't. I see nothing wrong or weird about that.

I've met one or two people on OKC who are just looking for someone to cuddle with. No sex, no relationship... just holding hands watching a show or what have you.

I'm sure there's some kind of psychoanalysis to be done here. Not enough hugs from your mom when you were a baby, wrong kind of hugs from your uncle... A lot of these types of conditions stem from some kind of childhood trauma. If any that resonates with you, perhaps addressing those issues head on could provide some relief for your situation?
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