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For me, i have always felt that cheating means the same in a relationship is it does in monopoly or chequers. " breaking the rules"

If you step outside of the established rules of your relationship, then you have cheated.

I would say this applies not only to love and sex but to money, health, and any other aspect that effects a relationship.

So, with this information in mind, I would say that for most people, cheating is a secret ways to say "I am better than you, i am better than any rules we agree to, and I am, special enough to be the one person on earth who never gets caught."

I know this attitude well because it is something I struggle against, especially when my partner hurts my feelings or makes me angry.

So, I think with few exceptions, cheating is a mind-set and defense mechanism. It can be repressed, but i am not sure it is changeable.
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