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So you've been a worrier your entire life? I could see how that would be a problem ....even if you listen to one little voice another little voice is putting doubt that the first one was wrong.

Taking off 3 months at a crack could stress things. So much for having pets or plants for that matter.

It sounds to me to be less about a specific structure but about 2 young people who found comfort in each other from the outside world.
And then you grew out of that and changed. The new differences brought on by that change, your age at the time, personalities, unhealthy behaviors , etc, etc, caused the marriage to go under.

Was it a bad break up? Who started that process you or him or jointly?

7 yrs seems like a loooong time to get back on the horse. Did you get any professional help during that time? If not, do you think there was a need for that?
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