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How interesting, D. Our little voices are very different. I'm what my mum calls 'a worrier' which means that my little voice is mostly engaged with suggesting that 'things are going to go terribly wrong.'

I spend lots of time using my analytical side to talk the little voice out of whatever catastrophe it sees ahead. I work as a computer programmer and thankfully the longer I do so, the stronger my analytical side seems to get.

I too am working to get them in alignment - but from the opposite side from you, it would seem.

I see no real patterns in the men I have been out with or been attracted to. Having said that, my ex and I were both 20 when we got together. Prior to that, I'd had a series of short term relationships with a bunch of blokes - none of them serious and no patterns with the blokes.

Plus I am very independent and was always travelling around. Tending to take off for 3 months of the year and spending many weekends away from home during the rest of the time kind of meant that getting into a really close relationship with anybody was unlikely.

And - when I split with my ex, I didn't date anybody at all for about 7 years. After a scary year or so where I wondered if how I would cope on my own, I realised I could cope just fine. I found being alone wonderful - so lovely to be free to take up new interests, travel around and not worry about how those things impacted on a partner. I found it very freeing.

I was quite lucky - I have several friends who never date (for a variety of reasons) and so it just didn't seem that unusual to me at the time.

My ex is quite socially shy - just a few friends and even those, he doesn't see very often. My SO is the opposite - he has lots of very valued friends, lots of interests and lots going on in his life.

Hmmmm - not sure what to make of all of this now I've written it all down.
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