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Default Newly broken up - ouch

So yesterday my gf broke up with me.

I decided to take the advice off this site (read it somewhere) and break contact for a little over a month. I sort of explained it to her and said it was the only way for me to get over her with any hope of becoming friends at the end. That friendship is very important for many reasons. Besides the fact i really enjoyed the friendship aspect of our relationship she also is a tenant at my second property. She's also become good friends with my wife.

XGF actually seems pissed at me for it. She thought that we would just break up but remain all friendly, lovey but no sex. Sort of boyfriend without benefits, who she can talk to about all her other boy problems and chases.

So i've asked my wife to handle all tenant problems, collecting rent etc and asked my wife not to talk about her with me. My wife has been very empathetic and i can't ask for better support.

I'm really just trying to defuse the ticking timebomb of frustration inside me so i don't go half off and ruin a good friendship by saying something i can't take back.

Any thoughts?
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