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Aw man, i realize you're not feeling great and here i go i'm about to do my usual thing where i come across as nasty and insensitive. So stop reading right now if you don't want your feelings hurt. This "sensitivity alert" also goes out to my fan club and any unsuspecting bystanders who can't handle the truth. I'll even give you some blank space so that your eyeballs are protected from my harsh words.


So my response to your post is this: as i read it i was waiting for the bad part. I'm like, "ok, ok, ok, what else? Sounds like this guy has a great life.". I do not wish to diminish the feeling of your feelings, but is there something you're not telling us? Have you ever been through a REAL crisis, have you ever almost died and had to rebuild your life from scratch, or do you have ANY appreciation for how wonderful you have it? That is, unless there's some important piece of information you left out in your original post.

Having fulfilled my function as the resident wet-blanket of this site, i offer this to offset any bad i may be perceived as doing to you: i believe that when people come on here and gush about how wonderful and perfect their life is, that that's just their way of trying to convince themselves that something is not wrong, that the elephant in their room is really not an elephant at all because the definition of "elephant" depends on the person and it's much easier to redefine "elephant" than get the animal out of your living room. You seem to have the opposite phenomenon at work in your living room, where you think you see an elephant but in fact you need to be glad there isn't one pooping on your floor.

I am prepared to be lectured for being obnoxious or something. Ready... Go!
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