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Originally Posted by Lily View Post
My ideal, btw, is Vodkafan's arrangement - that I would spend 4 days a week with T and 3 with G......... but first things first. I need to find a way for the words to come out without causing any more pain and hurt than I already have done.


Honestly, based on your husband's past experience with depression and suicidal comments, I'd say you should do this with a counsellor's help. Vodkafan's situation is very unique and probably years away from where you are now..unless you force it upon your hubby in an unhealthy way and he is desperate enough to accept it.

Poly with another poly can be a challenge.
Poly with an unstable poly can be very difficult.
Poly with a mono is a mountain or work.
Poly with an unstable mono seems almost like torture.

Seriously, if you are going down this road I would use some professional help. Explaining this to your hubby is not going to be easy.

Good luck and welcome to the forum

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