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Default Survey

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Would be interesting to go on a site like okc and do a survey. That might give you a decent snapshot...hmmmm Too bad no one has time for that kind of thing
Actually, someone did do a survey of polymatchmaker, and discovered that there was about twice as many men as women (mentioned here).

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
It is unfortunate. I wish more people, when things were going ok to well, would stick around. I wonder if they realize how much that would help people
Well, sure. But many people for whom things are going well are out modelling what healthy poly- relationships are like for their friends and community. That may well be more important than just asserting on a forum to someone struggling that things actually can go well, because it is more tangible. Which isn't to say that posting on forums isn't helpful, of course, but to say that those people who don't stick around but are doing things well may still be helping people.
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