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PunkRockAwesomesauce went home last night and I miss him like crazy. It's interesting, my moods. I actually feel down and a little sad, though I was happy to snuggle and wake up next to DarkKnight today. Both relationships are going very well - just when I think I couldn't be more happy, one of them makes me laugh, or feel valued, or loved. It's really amazing.

I am starting my diet back up this morning. I ate crap all last month. I don't think I've gained much weight, if any, but I feel tired a lot, and crappy. I hope that makes sense - I am in a gloriously happy mood but feel ick because of all the garbage I've been eating. Ugh.

PunkRock's storage area is now completely empty. He is still sorting boxes here, but things are progressing with getting it straightened out. We've been taking boxes of books and CDs to a store in my town that lets us trade it in for cash, or double for store credit. He was able to get himself an iPod and a new OtterBox cover for his phone this last week, so he is doing well with that. The next step, after he gets everything sorted, is to paint the room he will be using. He's gotten some color chips but hasn't made a firm decision yet. The walls are going to need some prep work. I am tired thinking about it now, but I think it is a good goal to complete this month.

Ali - I messaged you the link.
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