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Originally Posted by zylya View Post
I can't think of anything worse than someone telling me what to work on for the next year. Mind you, since they're not coming up with it for themselves, they're more likely to fail since there's no personal investment in it for them.

If I was you, I'd be glad that I wasn't a part of this co-dependent behaviour.

Do you really want someone else to tell you how you should improve yourself for the next year or do you think that's something that you should do for yourself? Because it doesn't sound intimate to me, it sounds controlling.
I totally agree. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Ya, talk about co-dependent! I'd have nothing to do with it while I watch it fail and would likely stand about laughing in that "oh you guuuys" kind of way. If that is what it means to be close to someone, ya, I'd rather not and go about doing things that REALLY build closeness like sharing what I intend to work and asking her what she intends to work on for the year in a deep and meaningful discussion.
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