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Default Doesn't poly have the potential to help with favoritism?

The worst part about being monogamous for me (before I knew there was another way) was always wondering whether I was more in love with my best friend or my boyfriend, and whether I was a bad friend, or a bad girlfriend, or just not in love with the poor boy, or... Both positions wound up rotating a great deal as a result. Things were always murky, which I assumed meant someone was doing it wrong.

The joy of poly, for me, is that I can love anyone I damn well please, and I don't have to worry about 'favorite' or 'more' or 'less' or any of that nonsense. I love K the way I love K, and Z the way I love Z, and A's 1 & 2 the way I do, and M the way I love M, and... It's different for each of them, because each pair of us is different, and that's beautiful. Lucky us.

DISCLAIMER: Not saying it always works that way. I just know it does for me, and feel relieved.
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