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It strikes me as funny how often people ask and answer whether something is right or wrong, fair or unfair. Who needs a right and wrong? Who cares if what you're doing is fair if someone is miserable. Any policy is fine as long as the people involved are happy with it that way. As newguy points out, it works fine for him because the woman didn't want it enough to fight it.

You've got to ask yourself and your partners. Right now its a preference, if your partner accepts right away. There you go its fine. If she doesn't, you've both got choices to make for yourselves. Maybe you'd like to have these experiences in life with your GF enough to work on whatever bothers you about her being with another man. Maybe its not worth it and you don't open at all. Maybe you decide this difference is too important to you to continue being together because you can't find a solution that makes you both happy. Don't sit around asking others whats fair. If she's not happy with limiting herself to women and a bunch of strangers tell her too bad, it's fair because you don't like it, she's not going to be any happier. If you really can't find happiness if she is with another guy, no amount of us telling you it was fair matters. Figure out what you're both willing to do.

That said, my thanks to BoringGuy for coming up with the most concise illustration of "bringing into" I've seen yet. I agree with that advice as well.
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