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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Only time can tell on many things in life.
The journal is probably a really great idea.

I think some of the issues you have listed make perfect sense. Have you all chosen a poly-friendly therapist? I ask because it might be very helpful if you two could discuss ALL of this (as well as the rest) with the therapist. Even if you resolve whatever the other issues are, if these can't be resolved as well it won't matter...
Just seems like it might be good to address both...
My husband originally had a therapist that was "open minded" but she had never heard of Polyamory before. It doesn't matter because my husband broke her trust and she wouldn't see him (or us) anymore. So he gave me the task of finding someone new for us to see. I was able to find us someone who is open minded and knows what Poly is. The therapist said that he has dealt with individual people and Poly, just not couples. After speaking with my husband about it he's okay with that. We plan on discussing everything with the therapist. At this time I'm hopeful!

LR: Thank you for all of your great advice and responces! I really appreciate it.
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