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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
1) I don't want it to look like he is cheating on his wife. I don't want to be the reason his men would lose respect for him. I don't think you can really respect someone you perceive as a cheater.
If the military catches word of him cheating on his wife, even with her consent, he will get in a LOT of trouble. It is against our UCMJ to allow adultery. Hell you cant even have sex in any other way than Missionary if you look deep enough into our rules. Even blowjobs arent permitted. If his wife ends up getting upset about it, and wants to get him in trouble, she just has to produce your conversations and evidence of it and the notion alone is enough to get him in trouble. DO NOT DO IT.

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
2) Being totally out to everyone is not going to be possible, nor entirely advisable. Some of his men won't get it and will lose respect.
The men will get it, and they will understand. However, it is still reportable.

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
3) His wife isn't visiting. I don't want to if she doesn't. She alpha, I beta. It would like feel like being introduced to his parents and spending quality time with them in the hypothetical situation where his parents and his wife wouldn't be on talking terms with one another. Imposing is maybe the word I'm looking for? Over-assuming?
If you are really considering this and it would mean the world to him. I still say dont do it. But if you must, do not do it without his wife there, and make sure that you are labeled as a "Friend". It may hurt your feelings or his, but it is for the better good of his career that you arent known as the "Girlfriend" or the "Other Wife".

Again, for the sheer fact of avoiding drama and bullshit, I would advise that you do not do it.
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