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Default Am I turning into a slut or a pig?

It's now day 31 since we started our first poly relationship: a vee with me, my wife (the "fulcrum"... my wife likes that word, says it's a lot sexier than "pivot" lol), and her wife. Over that short time, I felt extreme jealousy, love, fear, compersion, hurt, excitement, betrayal, and commitment. But as I reflected internally and confronted my emotions, the jealousy disappeared and was replaced with compersion, and I'm having poly feelings myself as well!

Ok, jealousies gone... good. Compersion... good. Extreme re-kindled NRE with my wife... WOW! ;-)

The only problem now is that I'm getting such a "glow" from all this love and NRE that I'm starting to project it on others around me. I want to be close to everyone... not the sexual sense, but emotionally and personally intimate. I'm a relatively introverted guy that wants to break free, meet lots of new people, and share this glow with everyone. Eeps!

In other words, before all this, my mono defenses would raise whenever I'm feeling love for someone, and all my attentions/affections/emotions would be focused on that one person. But now that I'm not feeling so mono anymore, that defense isn't coming up and all of this NRE love that I'm feeling for my wife is spilling over to those around me, and I'm (artificially) feeling NRE for them as well. It's a bit scary, like I'm a vulnerable to artificially falling for someone else as well during this time.

It feels like being a teenager all over again, before I had relationships figured out and everyone was experimenting with their emotions. I guess I'm basically a teen all over again now.

My question: Has this happened to anyone else in this forum group, specifically, feeling WAY more romantic and emotionally intimate with others when going through NRE with someone else? And if so, what do you do to manage this feeling... cold showers, just tough it out (it happens to all of us), I'm just feeling this way 'cause I'm so new to poly relationships, ...? Am I turning into a slut or a pig? ;-)

I've had so many emotions recently, I feel like I need a vacation from them for a week or so. Do something boring or analytical for awhile. Then again, it's hard to think about anything but the NRE! LOL

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