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First of all, way to go with a headline that grabs the readers.

Originally Posted by Polymonial View Post
the "fulcrum"...
I like it too. I am in the midst of the beginning of my vee, and I just finished a physics class. It seemed every concept I was being taught was directly connected to my situation (holy ego). I especially liked the concept of constructive interference describing wave motion.

It is all-pervading, this opening of the chest, this spine-straightening awareness of beauty all around.

Originally Posted by Polymonial View Post
My question: Has this happened to anyone else in this forum group, specifically, feeling WAY more romantic and emotionally intimate with others when going through NRE with someone else?
I think it is essential. Every day I look for ways to give out all this love I have in my life to other people. It's easy. People are starving for love all around you. This way, I feel strong enough to receive more. If I couldn't share it with others, there is no way that I would deserve it. Run with it, man. Find ways by listening hard and breathing slow.

I've had so many emotions recently, I feel like I need a vacation from them for a week or so. Do something boring or analytical for awhile.
Number one item on the agenda. You. I know the euphoria is hard to disengage from because it's, well..., euphoria. I am grateful for silence, repetitive motion, and being granted space in between earth-shaking emotions to get my feet planted for the next sweet blow. Yup, I hear ya.

I go to a retreat center as often as I can which has been at most twice a year for several years now. It is so quiet. That has helped me immensely with lots of situations but mostly as a commitment to spend time with myself, sorting out the bullshit from the jewels as I walk in silent awe, watching the day all the way through.
"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
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