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K, so to both of you-Maca and I have a class from 6-9 tonight. I HAVE to get the hell out of here before I end up being late.
I'll work on how to reply BEST. There ARE answers.

One more thing-you are both in HYPER ADD mode.
(at least it sounds that way).
The whole
"this way or that way" when in truth there are as many possible solutions as there are colors in that little button on the computer that lets you create your own font color....

Don't focus on "well it's all or nothing".

As I said to Stewy in December-just because something won't work in THIS moment-doesn't mean it will NEVER work-it means you have to find a CREATIVE ADAPTIVE solution... (yes that term IS from the book you ordered MS and you need to READ it).

As a favor-I sent an email to a wide range of posters, and asked that they feel free to pass it on to other posters that they know (pm's often will go to a persons email and they will see it even if they aren't logged in here-and God knows how many of you have your email forwarded to your phone)to come answer and give their thoughts. Hopefully a few will reply tonight.

Good luck.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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