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Default Not so much risk as ....

Originally Posted by Justbeloving View Post
I suppose that is a major concern I have with polyamory is that instead of multiple healthy relationships, one ends up with a healthy relationship that supersedes a broken relationship, which would more cleanly be handled by serial monogamy of divorce and new marriage. I feel naive in asking that question, but I haven't been able to fully wrap my brain around it.
... choice.

Ironically I chose the "cleaner" route and still have polyamory in my life so maybe there's an element of destiny happening.

There are risks in whatever choice you make i.e. to ditch a sick relationship and start again or insert some new life into it via polyamory. You just find yourself cleaning up different messes. But at least you're doing something, not sitting around in a dead relationship letting life pass you by. Or in the case of my ex becoming a spendaholic.

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