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Thanks for the link roman - I have tried a good number of Belgian beers (a few hundred?) but still have a LOT to try it looks like.


Random thought:

The boys will sometimes collude for their (and my) enjoyment. For instance, one will ask me to reach for something or pick up something that gets my bum within pinching distance of the other one...

So Dude got me tonight and MrS gives me a sweet little pinch, and I'm thinking how nice it is that, after 21+ years together, he still gets a thrill out of patting my fanny...

...and then comes the stray thought that, if we were mono, then perhaps that would mean that my fanny is the ONLY one that he could legitimately pinch, BUT, because we are poly and he could be pinching other bums (assuming a consenting derriere ) that fact that he still wants to pinch MINE...priceless!
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