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I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted in this thread...

Been kind of swept up in incorporating Lotus into our lives, I think. (Some group NRE at play )

It's been over four months and the multiple tiers of the "polymath" have been growing and learning and evolving.

I was talking to Dude the other day and it seems like this "relationship tangle" includes a lot of "firsts" - Dude's first experience being a hinge, my first experience being a metamour, Lotus's first poly "boyfriend" (as opposed to FWB?). I actually am quite proud of how smoothly things have progressed.

Intermixed with all of this has been a number of medical things to deal with. MrS (who has a dental phobia) had a tooth issue to deal did Dude (who has a needle phobia). In December I had to have a minor medical procedure due to an abnormal pap (MrS went with me). Earlier this month Dude found a lump in my right breast and I had to go for a mammo/usn and Lotus went with me (no worries, only a cyst).

Just this week - Lotus got bad news back on a biopsy she had done and had to go back for a more significant procedure. She asked for all of us to come spend time with her the night before so the boys packed up the dogs (and a change of clothes for me) and we all met up at her place for cuddles and comfort. I had to go to work today but the boys (and dogs) stayed at her place while her hubby took her to the procedure.

I read a lot of posts on this forum about "what if I NEED someone...and they aren't available" - but for us it seems like one of the added benefits of poly is that there is ALWAYS someone available. Someone to go to a dentist/doctor/testing appt, someone to take care of the dogs, someone to cover the expenses, etc. Everyone willing to step up to the plate...I am blessed to have such people in my chosen family.

Tonight I am home alone sans boys, sans dogs...and I am fine - GOOD, in fact. Holding down the fort (with a bastard cat to help) and glad that Lotus has the support she needs right now. Only wishing I could be with her/them...
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