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That's all very nice, LR, but not really to the point.

The point is that, even if a live-in triad/quad/vee/n/w is what we were aiming for, there's no way to get there from here.

The point is that I have very little time or energy to offer anyone other than my wife and children because I am also deeply engaged in professional and community life.

I simply cannot ask or expect anyone to be in a relationship with me that will either have to subsist on the crumbs and leavings of my time and attention, or that will cause me to shirk my responsibilities to Vix, the girls, my students, my colleagues, my employer, and my community.

I have reached the conclusion that I should for the foreseeable future be de facto monogamous.

I am also beginning to see why, for most people most of the time, monogamy actually makes a lot of sense.
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