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In my experience, prostitution is not always limited to a quick one hour affair without emotional entanglements. It can be more than that and truly qualify as polyamorous behavior.

It's interesting you are writing from Toronto. Toronto is quite liberal for this sort of thing. One can find many escorts which are very normal, sometimes highly educated women who simply like sex.

My wife was an escort in Toronto when I met her. She was an absolutely stunning Asian lady, very elegant, tall, slim, long hair, chatty. I fell in love, recommended her to my colleagues and eventually ended up marrying her.

We decided not to publicize our wedding among my friends because, as much as Toronto is very liberal, this would have seemed like stretching our luck. So we moved out.

Still, my wife finds prostitution as very enjoyable. She has several lovers, mostly married men from out of town, and keeps them company when they are in town. They pay her for her time.

I don't find anything wrong with that. To make it work, I committed to be monogamous or else she would feel insecure. I have no problem with being monogamous and on her side. Her promiscuous affairs are sufficient stimulus for our sexual life to the point that I am uninterested in developing extra marital relationships.

This went on for 13 years now and we are just fine. Our marriage lasted longer than most after all.
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