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I think I'll finish off by requoting a section from former sex worker Maggie McNiel's article Not for Everybody:

One of the central goals of this blog is to help people realize that prostitution is [a] completely natural female behavior; it actually predates marriage in human development and similar behaviors appear even in non-primate species. Most women will not hesitate to use their “erotic capital” (as Catherine Hakim calls it) to get ahead, and many have no qualms about openly using sex for material gain. About 10% of all women have directly taken money for sex at least once, and about 1% have actually worked as prostitutes at some time in their lives. As George Bataille put it, “Not every woman is a prostitute, but prostitution is the natural apotheosis of the feminine attitude”; in other words, full-time professional prostitution occupies one end of a whole spectrum of female behaviors on which it is impossible to draw a line separating the whore from the non-whore.

I personally strongly dislike the term "whore". I'm not even comfortable with "slut". I know that some women have decided to try to retake the word slut, but I haven't seen much an effort to do so with whore.. like sex at dawn, I prefer the word promiscuous, mainly because of the definition it used to have; essentially, pro mixing. Variety is the spice of life type thing. I'm for it, and there's also no denying that in today's society, most people can't live without having money to buy things they need, so I think it's understandable why some may find that the best way of acquiring it is by exchanging certain services for it.
I've pretty much stopped reading this thread, but this caught my attention... Why is prostitution only a completely natural FEMALE behavior?
Who said that? Maggie was speaking about women, not men. That being said, I do think that females use it more then men. I think men use other methods more, but I'm the first to admit that I don't have any hard data on this. I did find the following article in Forbes though:
Women Who Ask Do Get Ahead, But Men Don't Have To

I found this part in the article to be interesting:
"gendered language still prevails, with words like “aggressive” or “bold” baked into job descriptions to describe ideal candidates. These are words more often associated with men—and this explains why women are viewed as an imperfect fit for many top jobs."

I think that's a pretty clear indication of what men use to succeed; aggression, boldness; these are things associated with warfare. I definitely think that we're living in a culture that has war like aspects to it. Whether it's the U.S. and allies invasions of various countries, or the eat or be eaten corporate culture, I think this is something that men tend to do better then women. What might this aggressive behaviour cause men to do? One thing, apparently is lying (I have some anecdotal evidence that this is true, but I'll let the following article speak for itself):
Men Exaggerate Their Achievements To Get Ahead. Should Women Start Stretching The Truth?

The women writing the article doesn't like the idea of lying to get ahead. I heartily agree. If you think about it, lying is another trait that is common in warfare; if people are going to harm each other, deception is certainly a tool that is used. This goes for both employers and employees. Ultimately, ofcourse, this aggressive pattern isn't sustainable; to give one example, there's only so much land that can be destroyed before we run out of land.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Aren't men also inclined to using their "sex appeal" to get ahead, if in a position to do so? I know far more men than women who would eagerly take money for sex acts, but since woman aren't generally inclined to pay for it, haven't had the opportunity.
Exactly. A market requires both supply -and- demand.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I think I've decided to deem this thread sexist.
If you've read what I just had to say, hopefully you'll change your mind on that.

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