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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
One of the central goals of this blog is to help people realize that prostitution is [a] completely natural female behavior; it actually predates marriage in human development and similar behaviors appear even in non-primate species. Most women will not hesitate to use their “erotic capital” (as Catherine Hakim calls it) to get ahead, and many have no qualms about openly using sex for material gain. About 10% of all women have directly taken money for sex at least once, and about 1% have actually worked as prostitutes at some time in their lives. As George Bataille put it, “Not every woman is a prostitute, but prostitution is the natural apotheosis of the feminine attitude”; in other words, full-time professional prostitution occupies one end of a whole spectrum of female behaviors on which it is impossible to draw a line separating the whore from the non-whore.
I've pretty much stopped reading this thread, but this caught my attention... Why is prostitution only a completely natural FEMALE behavior? Aren't men also inclined to using their "sex appeal" to get ahead, if in a position to do so? I know far more men than women who would eagerly take money for sex acts, but since woman aren't generally inclined to pay for it, haven't had the opportunity.

I think I've decided to deem this thread sexist.
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