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Since you asked for similar experiences, I will share mine.

On my poly dating journey I met a guy on okc. We hit it off great and had 2 public dates. He was in mid-divorce, new to poly.

On our 3rd date, we had sex. He couldnt get hard, but was all over me like white on rice and pleased me well. On the second try at sex, he got hard enough to fuck, but lost his erection when inside me, couldnt cum from oral or stroking either. On the 3rd try, he got hard, stayed hard, but couldnt cum during coitus, but did finally cum from other methods I used.

Soon after that I dumped him for various reasons... so I don't know what would have happened, but he was making progress! He felt badly about his lack of "performance," as men will, but I didnt judge him.

Good luck! I think 4 girls right off the bat is a bit much perhaps. Focus on one or 2 of your favorites and see what happens as you get to know them better.
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