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Default I never have enough bookcases!

Originally Posted by FelixTheCat View Post
We're planning a move in the near- to mid-future, and I'm just not sure how I'm going to get all of my books in the bookshelves -
This has been an Perpetual Problem!

We moved about 18 mos ago into this, our ForeverHome. At the time of the move I acquired 4 more fullsize bookcases from my in-laws (bringing the total to 15). What do you know? By the time I was done unpacking there were still piles of books with no home!

One of our future projects (after the old house is fixed up and sold and the dog runs are up) is that MrS and Dude have promised me floor-to-ceiling built in bookcases with adjustable shelves along all of the available wall-space in my library/living/dining room so I can utilize the foot or so of space between the ceiling and the top of the books on TOP of the bookshelves that is just going to waste. I'm considering some alternative shelving styles with back-to-back units coming out perpendicular to the walls to gain even more space...There is a group on LibraryThing (where I catalog my books) dedicated to just this sort of thing: Bookcases: If You Build/Buy Them, They Will Fill (

The other problem I ran into was that I started packing my library about 3 monthss before the move (I used the beer boxes I had been saving up for just that purpose – heavy, but not TOO heavy, and stack well.) (I've attached a picture of one of the piles - let's see if it works). Of course, a few weeks later I would “need” one of the already packed books and have to move a bunch of boxes to get at it (being OCD the boxes were all meticulously labeled – I've been through this process before!)

Originally Posted by FelixTheCat View Post
I'm afraid I may have to...gulp...get rid of some .
Aack! I find it very difficult to get rid of books. To me they are kinda like kittens – you have to know that they are going to a good home where they will be loved and cared for! When I DO have to part with some of my “preciouses” I list them on BookMooch, an international bookswapping site. (Of course, then I have points that I use to get more the problem sorta repeats itself...)
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