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First, welcome to the forums, and thank you for coming and posting your story. I find that each person that comes here give us more to learn and think about.

Next, there is no one "right" way to do polyamory. There are some "wrong" ways - cheating on your rules of your relationship being an obvious one - others are more subtle. If you read around you will find that each person has their own way of doing it, and their own preferences. Avoid people that try to tell you that their way is the right one, or that it can't be done your way - they tend to be known as "One True Wayers" and aren't usually terribly constructive.

Basically, it sounds like you are off to a great start - you are communicating with your partners, everybody knows what is going on, expectations are being set and met. I would try to let it grow the way it wants to - see what works for you and your partner. Do some reading and try some of the ideas on for "size", as it were - see how you would feel about things. It's useful to do some hypothetical discussions with your partner, but be prepared to change your mind when you actually try things - sometimes how you imagine something isn't quite how it feels when you do it.

If you have specific questions, please post them here and start up some good discussion!

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