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Originally Posted by Marcus
She knows that the reason is because she is spending all of her time at work, with a lover, or whatever. My telling her that sounds like I'm trying to correct her behavior so my goal is to not say that kind of stuff.
To be clear, what I was talking about is asking for exactly what I want - explicitly. What I am *not* in favor of is clouding this precise communication with stuff that can be interpreted as emotional bullying (and I think that's exactly what it is).

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
SO: Are you hungry?
IP: No. I ate lunch quite late because I knew we'd be travelling. Are you hungry?
SO: Yes. I could do with some food soon.
This is just murky communication (on both sides). I'm glad you guys are working on that, otherwise it sounds like that would just keep giving you headaches.

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
I may or may not be able to or willing to do what it is that they want but I'd much rather know and I'd rather know if it is going to upset them if I don't do what they want.
UGH! I've had that argument before. It's that kind of drama that I don't want in my life; someone getting pissy because I didn't capitulate to their demand (if "no" is not an acceptable answer, it is a demand).
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