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lmao, worked at the ren fest when I was 18. Very open minded place, I loved it! Fencing booth was definitely a local hang out

I'm not quite sure where everyone is hiding. I think networks and forums such as this one need to be readily available and active for others to join and participate. "Build it and they will come" kind of thing I suppose. I wish there were more r/l events that locals could attend. There is something to be said about face to face interaction and hanging out with like minded people.

But really, other than the internet, how do you go about meeting people? You have to assume that 90% of people are interested in monogamy or some form of it. How do you start dating people with the premise of being in a relationship with two people? That's what we seem to find so difficult; how to start looking.

Local events and meetings would help people connect in a way that would not promote friendship and interaction but also allow people to create relationships without worrying about finding someone that isn't interested in a poly relationship.

Alright, that's just me dreaming. But hopefully some day we can put something together!

mnpoly - where are you guys from? We're pretty far from all the action up here in Brainerd!
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