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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Yeah, of all the possible things that people can do together in D/s, it seems to me that a contract is least like a "prop". I suppose some people might treat it more casually than others, but I would say that, for most, you're absolutely not "playing" any more at that point. You're making a serious commitment to each other. For some, it's probably as significant as a marriage contract would be. And whether you're taking it casually or seriously, it almost certainly *won't* be fun all the time, what relationship is? But that doesn't mean it won't ultimately be fulfilling for all involved... big difference.

Yeah, well, at least you didn't say "for those of us in the lifestyle". Are you basically saying that everyone who engages in some sort of consensual relationship power role-playing takes it so seriously? You are allowed to declare what those things mean to you, but do you seriously think that everything you said right there MUST apply to all people?

And I didn't say all RELATIONSHIPS are fun all the time. I said that PLAY should be fun all the time. I still maintain that. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, stop, and go do something else. I don't have sex, go dancing, watch TV, and say, "I hate this. I wish I was doing something else". It's people's CHOICES to get involved in a consensual master/slave relationship. If you hate being dominated, don't become a slave. If you like it, become one.

I wish people would lighten up about this. So much uptightness about such a first-world topic.
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