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Yes magdyln, I'm talking domme/mistress rather than the secret lover mistress.

I wrote on here about what happened the night Leo came over and the results shortly after. It was not a set up on my end. I made popcorn, bought his favorite beer, had his favorite crackers and cheese. I spent time, with Mono's help, getting some movies together to chose from.... He has spent hundreds on nights out with me I wanted to return some treats to him and make things special.

What happened was the computer kept crashing and we started talking in between times of it booting up again. If we had gotten into the movie, we would of been fine. We were fine. It was the energy between us I hadn't banked on more than anything. It was too much for Mono who is a hermit in his house. Having anyone over at all was pushing it. He does really well letting people into his space considering. He is very generously been willing to allow people to pass through it to get to my room.

Now I won't have people down there other than my partners. Not for any extent of time anyway. Its just better that way.
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