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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post

Can you have a husband and a lover? How is that different from having a husband and a boyfriend?
I was just thinking about this today and actually just posted the question on my blog when I said, I have (a husband and) 2 lovers, or is it 2 boyfriends, I don't know..

and then I started thinking about it some more and I realized that I see one of them as a lover, and the other as a boyfriend. Both relationships have their pros and cons and they both make me happy. With lover, yes like nycindie says, this is a casual realationship.. there is caring, a strong connection, and its not all about the sex, but its casual.. a lover-friend, for sure...
But with boyfriend, there is much more sharing of daily stuff, being more involved in eachothers emotional lives (although not yet really in each others real day to day lives).
But I would describe neither of them as men I have 'committed partnerships' with.

Of course, the HUGE irony in all of this is that I would sometimes like it if lover were more interested in my daily life, and that I sometimes feel that boyfriend is coming a bit too close.
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