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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
And how do you meet a new FWB when all the single men who used to be everywhere are now married with babies? And anyone who claims to want a FWB really just wants sex with no strings attached?
Hey, there`s one of us left.

The OP describes exactly the kind of relationship I would like as well. I hate possessive labels, and I certainly abhor the idea of getting married, although I think it`s a good thing for most people.

That`s exactly what I want, friends I have feelings for, that I have sex with, but unrelated to a progression toward possessive labels, or some kind of a priori 'forever' vow or expectation. I hate predicting the future, although wishes are fine.

The only differences we might have perhaps is that I do have casual sex. I think some people are compatible with me in that way. For a couple nights. Some others in the way you describe.

As for the being ashamed of your lovers issue, I am definitely not. It`s not something I would hide at all, though I do seek someone who avoids PDA and all the public 'claiming' body language of possessive relationships. For one thing, I think it`s rude and insensitive to people around you.

I would like someone who is friends in public, and affectionate in private. Wish you were near OP. I have a tremendous respect for women (and, people in general) who are able to remain independent for extended periods of time.

Why are all the women married with babies?

Edit: The other point you (OP) bring up that is important and I had forgotten to mention is me time! I think polys are much more educated about me time than your mono hetero normative couple, but since polyamory seems to be more interwoven with marriage, kids, and cohabitation, I think it`s worth drawing attention to.
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