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I knew i was a misfit-but damn!

I spent an hour yesterday having a really deep, introspective (on both sides) and amazing conversation with a 16 year old.

He said something to me that was so precious...
He was pointblank that when he finishes school he's planning to leave, but that when he does he has every intention of keeping in touch with me because I'm so important to him and our friendship means so much to him....

I'm 34 years old, almost exactly 20 years his senior. We listen to the same music too. Obviously-he doens't have 4 kids and I'm not in highschool. But I WAS in highschool and I did struggle with parents fighting and younger siblings etc etc. There is a lot we can talk about and his is a friendship I treasure more than MANY of those who are "my age" because he's just closer to me spiritually... we have a connection.
So many people reach my age and they are jaded, so they hide their inner self, their energy and there is no connecting to the TRUE them no matter how willing you might be.

Yes-I do understand that there are times you just want someone your own age, like making love, I won't be making love to this young man, that age difference is a BIG deal to me in that area-because I want him to experience that with someone as innocent as he is, not someone like me.
BUT-it is important to remember that sometimes the person who can help you most-isn't in "your group", be that age, sexuality, lifestyle, religious, whatever group you identify with, your answer might come from someone who does not identify with that group.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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