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I took some time to process this thread and then wrote a VERY long reply last night. I had a thought that I should save it in a text editor in case, and literally, the moment I clicked on the text to copy it, Firefox crashed. *sigh*

I'm not retyping all that. But, in short, I basically said:

- My 100% isn't necessarily your 100%. So, part of communicating is being specific about what giving/receiving looks like to you.

- Some have nothing to give, let alone 100%. I talked about my ex and the "episode" he went into. He wasn't able to get out of bed, let alone give 100%.

- It is sometimes difficult to get past family filters. If you were taught that giving 100% meant pretending you don't have needs, or buying presents, or? then that's what you will do in your relationships. It takes effort to learn new ways.
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