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There ain't no changes happening fast here folks. Its been years of waiting for change on these here forums and no one is more frustrated than the mods. This is why I continue to tag and continue to point out the common tags. I'm sorry if this is in some way annoying or that anyone feels dumped on because they are new, but that is also the nature of the game. Most of us have been through the same things ourselves and are eager to pass on common misunderstandingsa and mistakes. If no one disagreed or challenged there would be no reasonm to write and therefore, no forum.

We have been over the dividing the forum into sections thing before, but really, we aren't interested in segregating people that way because of experience. Most of the time people are dating a mix of people new and old to poly. Experience is not something that is held in value when it comes to discussion I don't think. We can all learn from each other. That being said, reviews like this are valuable.

My suggestion? Take it all with a grain of salt, learn from what others say and realize that sometimes its useful to remember no one knows the whole story, everything is a generalisation and most of the time people leave here and life goes on one way or another just as its suppose to. I can't tell you how many people have come and gone from here and have passed on stories that have not been repeated on this forum. If you don't want people to respond as they see fit on a public forum, don't write here. We try and stay on top of any kind of negative stuff, but really, sometimes its a matter of letting go of your idea of what reality is. Chances are someone is going to have a completely different opinion and express that. Chances are that you are making some assumptions about what is really going on for someone, so drop the assumption and stay open to wondering where they are coming from. Ask questions, empathize.

As to the blogs section? No one should be responding negatively there, its not a place to debate someone's story. Please let us know if that is happening so people can be reminded. Please remind each other of that also. We all make the culture here. We are all in it together.

Those are some thoughts on the fly for now. It might be helpful to be more specific about complaints though. Its hard to address issues that are general. I welcome PM's if that works better and of course all open and honest communication (I might move this to a different forum on site usage, just in case you are looking for it).
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