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Default Polyfuckery?

I just read this article and am giggling to myself

Polyfuckery? I thought that some people identify as poly who don't have any consideration for others feelings and in fact find them a burden. I am surprised in this article that there is a term for that, according to the author! I have been thinking that I am just on one end of a spectrum of the definition of polyamory and others are, well, at the other end... swingers often seem to have more concern for peoples feelings than some who identify as poly I have found in my travels.

Way back last year sometime, as noted on threads on here there was a debate as to the definition of poly. The conclusion seemed to of been that there was no definition but personal description of the word and how we identify in it... could it be that there is a branching off of words? It seems like it by this authors statements.
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