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Default Now With 83% More New Jersey

Holy necro-bump, batman!

It's been a few years, I've moved ~150 miles (to Philly suburb in NJ) and have a great new house.... I just got drawn back onto this site and figured I'd pop this up to the top again.

More than anything at the moment, I'm looking for people to talk to. There's still an opening in our relationship (we've had a few people in our life since I posted this originally) so that's there, but honestly with all the other things I have going for me, I'd love to have more friends that I can be open to about my relationship and other parts of my life I generally keep private from those new neighbors and co-workers I've met since I moved.

Would love to hear from someone. (=


- Ben
Me - 38 years old
Wife - Allycka - 31 years old

- CAUTION: May be scruffy-looking
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